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Red Light Therapy

Four, Ten or Twenty Red Light Therapy Sessions

  • 45 minutes
  • Sana Vida

Service Description

Red light therapy uses LED microchips that emit infrared and near-infrared light on top of the skin which sends specific wavelengths of light to the unwanted fat underneath. Empirical tests have shown that this red light effectively breaks down fat cells, which harmlessly release their contents into the bloodstream. See for yourself why red light therapy is becoming known as the easiest way to lose fat and shape your body: Effective - Red Light Therapy has been tested and proven to break down fat cells! Safe - There are no side effects, and you don't have to take any pills/supplements Painless - The procedure is non-invasive and pain-free OUR PROCESS IS SHOWN TO: "Melt" fat and contour your body Tighten skin and reduce cellulite Increase collagen and elastin to smooth wrinkles Reduce stress and reverse aging Increase energy and mobility Strengthen immune system Increase circulation and blood flow Improved quality of sleep Help you look AND feel better YOU GET ALL OF THIS IN ONE SESSION! RED LIGHT THERAPY BODY CONTOURING SESSION This state-of-the-art technology uses LEDs that emit infrared and near-infrared light directly to the body part where you want to lose fat. The specific wavelengths of the LED light penetrate fat cells and break them apart. Your body eliminates the broken-down fat naturally. WHOLE-BODY VIBRATION THERAPY SESSION Whole-Body Vibration removes the broken down fat from the Red Light Therapy session, thereby shortening the time it takes for you to see results! It has also been found to increase lean muscle mass, improve circulation, regulating serotonin. WHOLE-BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS Our whole-body scan gives you a comprehensive report of your body composition including the types of fat, your actual current metabolic burn, and your weight-related health markers. You can now accurately track your fat-loss progress. (Request a BCA when checking in for your session) Recommended Attire: bikini or bra and underwear

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 24 hours prior to appointment.

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