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Lose 20 lbs in 40 Days with Our Sana Vida Weight Loss Program!

Our customized Weight Loss Program helps you look & feel your absolute best!

How it works
Optimal Health | Authenticity | Joy

Our Program is Fat Loss Focused


We utilize specific technology to customize each weight loss program because there is no “one size fits all” in weight loss.


We Are Results Driven


Our objective is total transformation as we assist clients on every aspect of their healthy journey to permanent weight loss. We teach clean eating, self-love, determination and mindset, as we know that achieving health is the greatest power to live YOUR "Life with Vitality"!


The Sana Vida Approach


We will safely and effectively move your body into a prime fat burning zone, detox your body and end cravings. Our program shifts your body to become ‘fat adaptive’ – this is the key to keeping the weight off permanently, while being able to enjoy life and healthy, delicious foods.

Personal Weight Loss Coach

We guide you through your transformation, answer all your questions, and provide expert advice. We will meet weekly, assess your progress & keep you motivated.

Personalized Program

We customize an individualized weight loss health plan tailored to your BIOLOGY using our Bio-Scan Technology - weight loss is not “one -size fits all”

40-Days is the First Phase

It’s truly a 9 month program designed for maximum fat loss & optimal health.


The lifestyle changes that you learn at Sana Vida Wellness Center form the basis of a lifetime of health benefits. Clean eating & self care lead to optimal health & joy.


Biology! Not Willpower

We want to educate and empower you to make CLEAN eating part of your life. This program is truly amazing! You will burn fat, lose inches, increase energy, sleep better, improve digestion and mental clarity! Accountability is key and we at Sana Vida Wellness Center are here to coach and guide you through every step of your VITALIFE journey.
Your Health is your Wealth!
If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

Ultimate Weight Loss Package Includes 20 Sessions of Red Light Therapy

Our Transformations Are Real!

Red light therapy uses LED microchips that emit red and near-infrared light on top of the skin which sends specific wavelengths of light to the unwanted fat underneath. Empirical tests have shown that this red light effectively breaks down fat cells, which harmlessly release their contents into the bloodstream.
Red Light Therapy is Body Contouring and SO MUCH MORE! Not only does it "melt" fat & contour your body, it also tightens skin & reduces cellulite; increases collagen & elastin to smooth wrinkles; reduces stress & reverses aging; increases energy & mobility; strengthens your immune system; increases circulation & blood flow; reduces inflammation AND, in turn, helps you feel & look better!
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Camille is passionate about self-development and personal growth! Her expertise is in coaching to get
the best out of her clients, while being a good listener to understand their needs and guiding them to
see their full potential. Camille’s background is in education and counseling. She also spent many years
in the pharmaceutical industry and now has 9 years of experience as a Wellness Coach, helping people
acquire health in a holistic way and is absolutely passionate about this! Camille has a deep
understanding of what being unhealthy feels like and through her own work and focus has rediscovered
health and her own power to heal. She will share tools and skills and help you understand how to take
your health back along with helping you find out how truly magnificent and powerful you are! She
guides you to tune into your body and mind and understand your specific needs better than anyone
else! Camille’s goal for each client is to make healthy thinking and healthy eating a lifestyle and
empower them to live their best life! Are you ready to take this journey to transform your life?


Nancy joined Sana Vida Wellness Center in April of 2023 as part of the VITALIFE Coaching Team.  She brings with her over five years of experience as a Weight Loss Client, starting out at NutriMost in May of 2018.  Throughout her Journey, she has personally experienced and witnessed the life-changing power of the VITALIFE Program.


Nancy brings with her decades of a variety of customer service based experiences - from being raised in Central City, working alongside her siblings in various family businesses established by their parents; over 10 years of experience in the Travel Industry before (finally) marrying her college sweetheart, becoming a Military Spouse and moving to England; serving five years as the Patient Care Coordinator at Central City Family Dental; Executive Director of Widman Cinema (a non-profit twin theatre) to serving as the Executive Director of the Central City Area Chamber of Commerce for three years (survived COVID!) and participating in many non-profit Boards before joining Impact Wellness as a VITALIFE Coach.


Entering into the decade of her 60’s, Nancy has survived her share of personal & professional challenges throughout her life, and brings a plethora of experience to the Team.  Battling infertility and arthritis; grief and loss; frustration of “trying all the weight loss programs” and now an “empty-nester” with her three children off pursuing their dreams, she combines personal experience with the proven effectiveness of the VITALIFE Program to help structure a game plan for each Client to live their “Life with Vitality”!


Supporting Clients on their personal Wellness Journey is Nancy’s passion - whether it be navigating through loss & grief; personal challenges; setting, achieving and celebrating goals or(re)discovering one’s uniqueness and light - she considers it a blessing and privilege to share in their Journey.

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