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About Floatation Therapy

Floating has become one of the fastest growing therapies in the natural wellness industry. It is a simple, natural and cost effective way to invest in your own health and happiness. Being cut off from all external stimuli while effortlessly floating in our salt water pods is truly a soothing wellness experience. Floating is used for several reasons and across the entire range of demographics from young athletes for recovery purposes to parents and grand parents for "disconnection" and relaxation purposes. Floating helps with some of the following but is not limited to:

  • Depression                        ​

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Headaches

  • Chronic Pain

  • Muscle soreness

  • Insomnia

  • Brain Fog

  • Jet Lag

  • Trouble Focusing

  • Low Energy

  • Low Immune Function

  • Burnout and Frequent Employee Sick Days

  • Addiction or Withdrawal Symptoms 

Our Saltwater pods contain Magnesium and Sulfates, both of which are topically absorbed during your float. Magnesium supports blood sugar balance, optimal circulation and blood pressure, cellular energy production, a calm nervous system, pain relief & muscle relaxation, bone density & calcium balance, joint & ligament flexibility, and deep sleep patterns. The Sulfates in the water help to  flush toxins, improve absorption of nutrients, help form joint proteins, brain tissue & mucin proteins, and help prevent or ease migraine headaches.

Similar to exercise, the benefits are cumulative. It gets better the more you float! Come hit the reset button in one of our Float Pods today!

floatation therapy in Grand Island NE

What to expect on your first float 

First, lets cover things to avoid before you arrive:

  • avoid caffeine a few hours before floating​

  • avoid shaving or waxing, and if you have any larger open wounds it is best to avoid floating until they heal

  • dying your hair, if your hair has been recently dyed (within 7 days) the water could bleach it and could also contaminate the water

  • please remove contacts before floating

  • avoid large meals, but also don't come hungry! You won't want to be distracted by your stomach during your float


Now on to your float, we will provide towels, ear plugs, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and petroleum jelly (more on that later.) You are welcome to bring your own body wash, shampoo, and conditioner but only to be used AFTER your float. Once inside your float room, the host will begin the filling process of the float pod. (pods are emptied and sterilized between each session.) Earplugs are next (to prevent salt and water from getting in your ears.) You will want to insert our silicone ear plugs before you shower, it helps seal them. Now use the petroleum jelly to cover any small cuts or scrapes (to avoid getting salt in them and cause them to sting.) You will then take a short shower using the all natural unscented body wash and shampoo provided. NO CONDITIONER before your float! Bathing suits are acceptable in the pods, however we recommend floating fully naked to get the full benefits of sensory deprivation. By the time your are done showering your float pod should be filled and ready to go. Step on in. Before laying down, gently pull the lid closed by the handle on the inside of the pod. (If you are not completely comfortable, you are able to leave the lid cracked open.)  LED lights will be on in the pod for the first 5 minutes of your float as you ease yourself into a completely relaxed state as you float effortlessly in the float solution. Now let go, relax, and allow your body to experience true, pure REST. 

When your float is over, the lights in the pod will slowly come back on for the last 5 minutes. Now you may stand up and push the lid open. Please try to wipe off any excess salt before stepping out back into your shower. Take another warm shower to remove the rest of the salt, using our provided natural soaps or your own personal soaps if you like. Once you have re-dressed, please head out to the relaxation room for a refreshing tea or infused water. We also have a separate dressing room to finish getting ready if needed for makeup, blow drying, etc... 

How Often Should You Do Float Therapy?


Floatation Therapy is able to be used every day without any negative side effects, and the relaxing result of an hour-long floatation session will last well past the day of your appointment. To see the best possible outcome, It is recommended that you participate in regularly scheduled sessions. The number of float sessions could differ depending on your reasons for choosing float therapy. To help you figure this out for yourself, here is a brief guide to help you see how many float sessions would work best for you.


Float Therapy Once Time A Month



If you choose to use floatation therapy one time a month, it really gives the patient a strong foundation for self-care that is regular and a routine that helps your body to reset when it needs it most. This amount of float therapy is best suited for:


  • Someone who is operating on a tight budget

  • Someone who needs a boost after a long month of stress

  • Someone who doesn’t have chronic pain or an active lifestyle

  • Someone who has a very fast-paced schedule

  • Someone who wants to have a time once a month to focus on reviving the senses

  • Someone who wants to have time once a month for goal setting and reflection.



Float Therapy Two Times A Month



Using floatation therapy two times a month can help a patient to stay aligned, get increased energy, and even strengthening the immune system. The end result is a regular, relaxing and rejuvenating experience that helps the patient to catch up on rest and get priorities back into order. This amount of float therapy is best suited for:


  • Someone who is living a somewhat active lifestyle

  • Someone who is sitting down for a large part of the day

  • Someone who needs inflammation decreased

  • Someone who is in pain and needs it to be reduced

  • Someone who is hoping to have their spine realigned

  • Someone who is experiencing chronic pain

  • Someone who is dealing with regular migraines and headaches

Float Therapy Four Times A Month



Using float therapy four times a month or weekly is able to assist the patient with their overall mental health, assist in relieving chronic pain, and can help them to have increased performance in every sphere of life. This amount of float therapy is best suited for:


  • Someone who has an active lifestyle

  • Someone who is a trainer or athlete

  • Someone who is about to have a large exam or test

  • Someone who is about to go through intense training or competition

  • Someone who is about to experience a huge life change

  • Someone who is hoping to achieve increased feelings of well being and serenity

  • Someone who is dealing with depression or anxiety

  • Someone who is struggling with insomnia or restless nights




Float Therapy Every Day



For patients who are hoping to see a fast transformation in their life emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically, floating on a daily basis can prove to be extremely effective. This amount of float therapy is best suited for:


  • Someone who is struggling with addiction and wants to see positive changes

  • Someone who is getting ready for a major competition or important event

  • Someone who is trying to recover from a serious injury

  • Someone who is trying to fast track rehabilitation

  • Someone who is trying to seek out a profound meditation state

  • Someone who is attempting to get better at journaling or self-reflection

  • Someone who is trying to gain a new and solid foundation for their spirit, mind, and body so that they can operate at their highest possible potential.



Sana Vida Float Membership




1 float per month + $10 discount on any additional floats that month

Floating in the News

Professional athletes have been exploiting the benefits of float therapy for years. Basketball Steph Curry has been floating regularly since 2015. And football stars like Tom Brady and JJ Watt have even gone far enough to install float pods in their homes! Several NFL teams including the Patriots, Seahawks, and Saints have since incorporated it within their organization.  This Forbes Article tells a little about the floating that Tom and others use to be at their best.

This Scientific Study, published in the US National Library of Medicine, returned these results on floatation therapy. "Stress, depression, anxiety, and worst pain were significantly decreased whereas optimism and sleep quality significantly increased for the flotation-REST group. No significant results for the control group were seen. There was also a significant correlation between mindfulness in daily life and degree of altered states of consciousness during the relaxation in the flotation tank." 

This Link to the Clinical Floatation Website, you can will find a plethora of published, peer reviewed papers from a number of Psychology Journals, Medicine Journals, and many other Journals that are published to assist researchers and clinicians of all disciplines. Topics studied include muscle tension pain, chronic headaches, performance recovery in athletes, effects on mood and blood pressure, stress treatments, effects on sleep and many more! 

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