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This is our master beekeepers favorite honey and they would normally reserve this for their own personal use but they have agreed to share it with you! Raw means it has undergone less processing making it higher in healthy enzymes and retaining a distinctive flavor. It has tested as MGO265+.

  • Raw honey has been processed less than conventional honeys. It has not been stirred for long periods or heated above normal hive temperature (approx. 95F) which retains more Independent research shows that it has more than double the amount healthy enzymes than conventionally processed honey.
  • Single source honey comes from only one site and is not blended with honey from other locations like most commercial manuka honeys. This captures the distinctive floral sources and retains the unique flavor and properties of that
  • This manuka honey has been tested to strict government standards and has an activity of MGO 265+. Methylglyoxal is the key measure of the special activity from manuka honey. It is an ideal honey to support general everyday well-being needs. 

Manuka Honey MGO 265 10+

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